What’s different this Summer?

There are some things that will never change – sailing runs from 9am-5pm (with early drop off and later collection at no extra charge), getting afloat with people your own age and making lifelong friends are just as important as the sailing skills, and of course that the team here will always out your child’s enjoyment and safety at the core of everything we do!

There are some things though that we’ve had a hard look at before we started Summer 2024 and want to let you know about all these improvements!

Sailing Skills and on the Water!

After a very through review of how the day is spent on one of our week-long Summer programmes and the activities undertaken we’ve designed a new schedule that gets youngsters out sailing for the same amount of time as before, but there’s now also time for a variety of extras. These can be more time in the kayaks, on the giant paddleboards or inflatable rafts. It can be undertaking learning related to marine science and water safety.

Theres also been a number of changes to our sailing approach – much more emphasis is being placed on training a new skill – then practising this while learning the next. We are not moving away from sailing in pairs – making friends and developing the communication and teamwork skills from doublehanded sailing are invaluable. But we are taking the time to get some more single-handed sailing in for each age group. Problem solving, independence and confidence are all key traits that sailing brings to the fore!

New Equipment

We’ve been busy over the winter months preparing the fleet for Summer! The 7-10 years will benefit from a brand new oppie fleet, increasing numbers available and new specially designed sails to allow for safe sailing in higher winds.

Our 11-14 years students will see brand new Topper sails, extra RS Fevas and additional RS Zests being added to the fleet. Not only does this increase the variety of boats, the RS Zests and Fevas allow for more advanced doublehanded manoeuvres and the Fevas are key to our developing RS Feva Racing programme running throughout the Junior Club Saturday Sailing During the School Term.

Our 15-17 years sailors will be delighted to hear that the full RS Quest Fleet has been upgraded to full spinnaker and trapeze readiness. We’re also delighted to say that the J80 Keelboat fleet is fully ready for this age group and will be forming part of the weekly schedule weather permitting!

7-10 Years – New Syllabus

We’re delighted to be introducing a new syllabus for our 7-10 years sailors. This is more in line with our objectives to primarily focus on watersports learnings – with sailing progression being the top priority. However, water confidence, water safety, marine science and ecology and general fun also feature heavily. Our new syllabus will better prepare older 7-10 years sailors for the transition to our next age grouping (11-14 years) and what’s more there’s a quick process for instructors to transfer existing students across to this new syllabus.

Base Upgrades

It’s not just afloat that work has been carried out. In each base area we have been thinking about what each sailor wants. No more so than our Salthill Beach base which has undergone a remarkable transformation and upgrades.

Something for Parents

We’ve always appreciated your patience with our online bookings – and while we know it’s not perfect yet – this years booking process is much simplified and much more streamlined. We’ve a new account system so that your details and that of your children will be remembered for future bookings – saving you time – and we’ll also have some goodies and treats for you all via this new system.

So there really has never been a better time to get your children signed up with the INSS. Our feedback from the first Summer weeks has been exceptionally positive and we’re delighted the changes have all worked so well!

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