Primary Schools


Available Programmes: Watersports Tours, Marine Ecology Programmes, Extracurricular Sailing Lessons

Costs: Starts from €28 for Kayaking and €33 for Sailing (per student)

We have been providing sailing courses and school tours for children for over 40 years. For the senior end of primary school we offer sailing & kayaking and for the younger ones we offer rock pooling and boat trips which don’t require them getting into the water. Options include everything from single taster days and school tours to bespoke sailing programmes during the school day or as an afterschool activity series of lessons. Each is tailor made to suit the needs of the school. We can accommodate groups of almost any size and age.

Watersports Tours

School Tours are an excellent way to introduce your students to water sports such as sailing or kayaking in a challenging and entertaining manner. You can be confident that your students will have a great time, all while learning a new skill in a safe controlled environment.

We conform to all safety requirements as prescribed by the Irish Sailing Association and the Royal Yachting Association as well as all regulatory standards. We are full insured, have an excellent safety record and are always striving to ensure safe enjoyment whilst participating in any of our activities.

Marine Ecology

Introducing our DPSM Programme

Classroom materials are provided free of charge to teachers to allow students to re-cap the learning from the day. We are also happy for our DPSM Co-ordinator, former primary school principal Muriel Rumball to visit the class before the activity to deliver a short presentation on the marine ecosystem.

We would be delighted to discuss what we can offer to your school on +353 1 2844195, or by email to

Core Activity: Rock Pooling (2 hours 30 minutes)

Rock pooling on the beach at Salthill, Dun Laoghaire. This includes discussions on Marine Eco-systems, we explore the rock pools searching for all different types of sea life from sea anemones to lug worms. This is very much a hands on experience in the ultimate outdoor classroom. This programme costs €15 per student. Please see our sample schedule:

10am Arrival and Welcome
Introductory talk to cover Safety, Pollution and What is rock pooling? Inhabitants and plants of the seashore are discussed and examined under headings such as Habitats, Adaptation, Interdependence and Food chains.

11am Outdoor classroom activity on Salthill and Seapoint beaches
Inhabitants and plants observed, identified and examined in their natural habitats. Encourage lots of questioning, discussion and learning in a tactile manner.

12.30pm Certificate Presentation OR follow on activity (see option 1 and 2 below)
Group return to the clubhouse and discuss day’s activities. Participation certificates are awarded to students.

Option 1: Rock Pooling and Trip on around the Harbour to view the marine ecosystem (3 hours Total)

This option is particularly suitable for younger classes (under 9 years of age) and is a great addition to the rock pooling. Once we have finished exploring the sea shore we will take to the high seas aboard our launch boats where we will explore Dun Laoghaire Harbour. Our boats are high sided so students will be safe within them. All students and teachers wear life jackets, as prescribed by Irish Law. This programme costs €25 per student.

Option 2: Rock Pooling and Kayaking (4 hours Total)

Older classes enjoy this option, ideal for children aged 9 years and up. After exploring the marine ecosystem its time to get wet! We provide wetsuits and lifejackets and the group take to the waters of Dun Laoghaire Harbour in Kayaks. Under the watchful eye of our team of instructors the students will get involved in kayaking games. Teachers are welcome to join in, but don’t have too. This programme costs €30 per student.

We would be delighted to discuss what we can offer to your school on +353 1 2844195, or by email to

Extracurricular Sailing Lessons

Extracurricular lessons can be organised for after school or at weekends are ideal for introducing your students to sailing in a safe and relaxed manner. We provide all safety equipment and specialist gear. The programmes follow the syllabus laid down by the Irish Sailing Association and Royal Yachting Association and typically last for 6 to 10 weeks in duration.

These programmes are the perfect addition to a school’s extra-curricular offering and attract students both with and without previous experience, something which our team of instructors can cater for. Students are taught on board our fleet of dinghies and small yachts.

We are also able to offer a limited complimentary mini-bus to get students from the school to the West Pier for activities that are scheduled to start after the school day on +353 1 2844195, or by email to